Revamp Projects

What does revamping mean and how can it be used?

Revamp means renovating and reconstructing. In Industrial Automation revamping is an applicable solution in the following circumstances:

  • Spare parts for installed equipment have become obsolete or very expensive with the solution being replacement of the PLC's, SCADA and control system software by more current versions.
  • Maintenance becomes expensive and production down time increases.
  • Production time cannot meet market demands or new product recipes are too complex for old equipment. A production increase is possible by revamping the current automation software and equipment with the installation of new PLC hardware, SCADA and software.
  • When companies are relocating equipment from other manufacturing locations requiring installation with a current system; revamping is a solution.
  • Buying used equipment to reduce investment cost can become suitable with a revamp solution through industrial automation hardware or program modifications.
  • Relocating machines or equipment from other regions, with different climate conditions may result in specification adjustments with revamping an option to modify equipment to local conditions.
  • With increased demands for centralized production control data and real time management information systems revamping can provide the latest requirements to reduce errors and increase production and quality. The data can be made available with interfaces to operator’s production supervisors and senior management.

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Some significant benefits of revamping

  • Optimize productivity
  • Minimize investment cost
  • Improve product quality
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs
  • Security and investment protection
  • Centralized process and yield control