Industrial Components and Solutions

Besides the project and consultancy capabilities of our organization, ZI-ARGUS has proven to be an excellent partner, over the past decades, for customers in need of high quality and competitive industrial components or component-based solutions. Qualified technical 'know-how' of these industrial components, combined with our service, logistic and financial strengths as core components have proudly brought us a loyal and ever-growing group of satisfied industrial component customers.

As part of our industrial component activities, the ZI-ARGUS organization is equally capable of supplying component-based solutions in which we combine a wide variety of different components into a tailor-made solution package. Supplying our customers with high-quality, prefabricated solutions rather than the individual components reduces time, effort and cost. This in turn allows our customers to focus more on their core strengths.

As the ZI-ARGUS representation of Industrial Components and Solutions can vary per country we have added a country flag on the individual pages to show in which country this product is available.