ZI-ARGUS: Everything Under Control for Data Centres

ZI-ARGUS has the proven skills, in-depth experience, and established reputation for getting a diverse range of data centres up and running.

Today, everyone needs data services, whether it is for their mobile phones, internet access, or network connectivity. Rural farmers to suburban families to high-tech robotic distribution centres rely on the services provided by data centres all over the world. Twenty-four hours a day. Seven days a week, 365 days a year. These data centres in turn demand a reliable infrastructure that operates and is well-managed to ensure that data flows are smooth and seamless. Designing, planning, and implementing every facet of the data centre infrastructure operations is where ZI-ARGUS shines

For over 25 years, we have established ourselves as a leading independent system integrator across the industrial sector. We customise solutions by combining the latest products from the leading automation and control component manufacturers and utilising our precise engineering experience and understanding to meet customers’ needs and wants. Data centres across Asia-Pacific that provide vital services locally and globally have now come to rely on our detailed attention, flexibility, and commitment to excellence.

Data centres require complex and critical management of their infrastructure. Most data centres must run continuously all day, every day, and they must be able to withstand not only constant use, but also a range of events, planned and unexpected. Data flows cannot stop for scheduled systems maintenance or because of torrential typhoons.
Most people think of state-of-the-art data centres in terms of the latest computer and telecommunications technology. But none of that technology can function to their maximum effectiveness and efficiency without the infrastructure operating models that ZI-ARGUS can provide.

Data centres must be well-built

In addition to the equipment needed for the fundamental delivery of data services, the data centre facilities must be structurally sound. Whether a multi-storied complex or a single room, data centres require a consistent environment, including:

  • Electrical & Power Management
  • Mechanical Management
  • Building Management
  • Environmental Controls
  • Emergency & Fire Alarms

Any deviations or interruptions in temperature, power, water, or other utilities and their effective operations could have catastrophic impacts on a data centre. ZI-ARGUS has the comprehensive, technical know-how to design and capture events for each unique subsystem to provide a single view of the entire facility, creating the most optimal and functioning architecture for data centre management.

Data centre systems must be proactive and responsive

Being well-built is only the beginning for successful data centre operation. Smooth, continuous operations are key. This requires each system to be monitored and controlled for optimal efficiencies. This includes:

  • Visibility by all functional areas: Technicians and operators in one area may need to access data in another area to adjust and respond accordingly to any changes to prevent service interruption or stoppage.
  • Alerts and notifications: Automated systems must be engineered to identify changes that could impact the data centre's integrity, sending alerts as quickly as possibly for immediate response.
  • Trending: Historic data is a wealth of information that can be leveraged to analyse, pinpoint, and evaluate flaws or inefficiencies as well as successful operations for improvements and remedies.
  • Backups and redundant components: If for any reason a stoppage or interruption does occur, backups are in place to take over as seamlessly as possible so that there is minimal impact on the end user.

ZI-ARGUS has the detailed knowledge to analyse each data centre’s specific needs to determine the best approach for continuous operations. For example, depending on requirements, resources, and budget, some data centres have varying redundancy models and may require only some additional components for select systems, such as a supplemental power source, while others must have a duplication of every component in every system. This is the same for the systems ZI-ARGUS designs and implements.

Data centres must run smoothly

To fully leverage a responsive infrastructure for any data centre, smooth oversight and management must be in place as well. This means that at every stage, for every system, there must be intuitive, easily executable controls that provide the necessary information for every function or functional area, calibrated to notify the necessary parties with the appropriate alerts and alarms.
ZI-ARGUS has in-depth knowledge to ensure that the most optimal automation or operational systems are implemented, utilising the most advanced technologies and experienced engineers to deliver a system needed for data centre technicians to monitor operations from every angle.

Enterprise data centres and commercial data centre operators have their own unique management requirements to differentiate themselves in their markets. Each specific data centre has its own special demands that need to be understood, designed, and agreed, including variances from dedicated facilities for single enterprises to disaster recovery sites and co-location sites that host many enterprises.
ZI-ARGUS offers the same meticulous, renowned attention and commitment when conducting:


Our experts and engineers have decades of experience with a knowledge base spanning numerous technologies integral to designing data centre operations solutions. This comprehensive skillset is the foundation of our engineering consultancy service. Our data centre customers rely on us to provide the right solution, complete with a methodological approach and recommended technology to invest in and implement.

Design and project planning

Our engineering consultants design for optimum performance, redundancy, and scalability to meet our customer’s visions. As a testimony to the quality and care of our work, these designs often become adopted region-wide for all their facilities. Alternatively, customers rely on us to learn and implement their international standard designs, looking after any localisation requirements.


With broad construction and data centre project experience, our project management office provides a standardised approach, while fulfilling multiple stakeholders’ criteria. From construction companies, contractors, and vendors to each specific department involved on the end user side, we oversee every aspect of our design and planning. All vital data is connected and relayed to our centralised system for projects that are completed on time and on budget.

Testing and handover

Testing and handover are critical events in data centre projects. Flexibility and adaptability are essential, as schedules must be met, but not without compromising quality and execution. Our main goal is to ensure that management and control systems function flawlessly and that the customer fully understands every aspect through onsite witness testing, effective education, and thorough operational procedure manuals.

Quality control and 24 x 7 x 365 support services

Our national services team provide around-the-clock support and preventative maintenance services. We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual contracts while providing value and flexibility to adjust our services to meet customer demands whenever required.

ZI-ARGUS supports mission critical data centres across different industries. This includes central and national banks, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical companies. We are also a preferred systems integrator for the world’s largest colocation provider. ZI-ARGUS does this by being an independent turn-key systems integrator providing specialist solutions for event recorders, specialist sensors, weather stations monitoring, as well as trending and reporting.
Our engineers and experts are eager to develop and apply their skills as technological advances and innovations provide greater opportunities for businesses large and small to benefit from their own data centre solutions. If you are building a data centre or want to improve your current data centre operations, ZI-ARGUS can help you. With our expansive experience in industrial process automation and focussed knowledge related to data centres, we can help you achieve the most optimised data centre for your business operations. Get everything under control with ZI-ARGUS.