Visual Inspection

To comply with current legislations and standards, such as GMP standards in the pharmaceutical industry, it has become common practice to fully inspect the contents of a blister package before it is being sealed. In case of high speed packaging machinery the only way to achieve this in a 100% reliable way is to make use of modern Visual Inspection Systems. 

These systems make use of high speed, high resolution camera's and a digital image processing system to analyze the pictures that pass in front of the lens.

As an experienced industrial system integrator ZI-ARGUS has the expertise required to successfully design and implement these state-of-the-art systems. Very important with this type of systems is the correct choice of components, where even the used light source is a critical factor.

When properly set up and configured, visual inspection systems have proven to be very versatile and reliable. In the pharmaceutical example, it is possible to:

  • Detect empty pockets in the blister before it is sealed
  • Detect defects in the shape of an individual tablet or capsule
  • Detect incorrect products in the blister based on deviation in shape
  • With a color visual inspection system detect incorrect products in the blister based on deviations in color.

ZI-ARGUS has integrated several Visual Inspection Systems for blister packaging processes, eliminating the risks of non-conformities in released products. On each line a Visual Inspection system allows an effective and real-time analysis of the contents of the blisters running through the machine.

Benefits of implementing our Visual Inspection Systems

  • Avoid product wastage and rework
  • Provide 100% inspection of the blisters
  • Automatic ejection of defective blisters to avoid non-conformations
  • Improve control, reliability, and accuracy of the inspection process.
  • Provide real-time data and statistics on production quality