Process Control

Enhance the performance of the overall production process through the application and understanding of appropriate technology for each individual unit process.

ZI-ARGUS offers a wide range of control solutions to suit your specific requirements. Our engineering teams have designed, installed and commissioned process control projects for a wide variety of applications and industries. The challenge in all these projects has been to achieve reliable results but not to lose the flexibility of a manually operated process. As an independent system integrator, ZI-ARGUS works with a wide variety of process control equipment allowing us to help our customers select new technologies within the rapidly changing market for process control.

Utilizing our practical experience with many systems either on the market or off but still in use today, ZI-ARGUS can execute migration projects for existing control systems. The high maintenance costs and unavailability of spare parts for the control system endangers the continuity of perfectly healthy processes.

ZI-ARGUS can offer process control systems which use components that are widely available in the market. The application software employed for a specific system depends upon the specifications and process requirements. The benefit of using standard software is that the changes and expansions can be implemented fast and with minimal investment. Application software developed by ZI-ARGUS is user-friendly to the operator, yet provides inherent security features ensuring that confidential information is only accessible to authorized persons. All recipes and other process data will be securely stored in a relational database system.

Benefits of implementing our Process Control System

  • Reduce production loss due to operation errors
  • Increase production efficiency
  • High level security for access to confidential product recipes