Line Monitoring

In the current global and competitive marketplace, all leading manufacturers are seeking ways to more efficiently manage their assets and operations. This requires the availability of reliable and up-to-date information throughout the enterprise on a management level. Based on this information, managers can analyze bottlenecks and frequent problems in the operations and take measures to increase the overall productivity of the plant.

Until now, the data on the factory floor has generally been collected manually which has major disadvantages. Data collection  is done less frequently with the risk of human error and the consolidation and evaluation of the data is not in real-time, making immediate intervention in problem situations impossible. This can be significantly improved by introducing Line Monitoring Systems that collect key information automatically and on-line, with minimum human intervention.

ZI-ARGUS has successfully designed and implemented Line Monitoring Systems for a variety of production facilities. Our approach is to customize Line Monitoring Systems to meet your specifications and to enhance your current systems and operations. Where possible, our Line Monitoring Systems make use of data that can be extracted from existing automation systems and if required supplemented with data from additional strategically placed sensors. This helps to keep the initial investment and impact on existing operations to a minimum.

For all ZI-ARGUS customers, the introduction of Line Monitoring Systems has provided new insights into the production process. Utilizing data collected from our Line Monitoring Systems has sometimes identified simple problems that could be prevented, leading to an average increase in the overall equipment efficiency of five percent or more. The continued use of the Line Monitoring System also allows required equipment benchmarking to be accurate and assists in the increased efficiency of plant machinery.


  • Automatic and real-time collection of production relevant data directly from the factory floor
  • Real-time representation of the current status and long term data storage in a relational database
  • Easy access to consolidated information for both operational and management levels
  • Ease of use, directly by the work place with minimum impact on plant operations

System Benefits

  • Detailed and reliable information available in real-time and on-line
  • Direct plan achievement feedback to operators and production management
  • Reduce paperwork for the production area
  • Ability to respond immediately to current problems
  • Direct results achieved in increased productivity, efficiency and quality

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