Environmental issues are a Global concern, with industry required to do its part to minimize pollution. This requires control & monitoring within industrial manufacturing processes.

Increasing temperatures from climate change, combined with reduced rainfall and water shortages will impact us all. Monitoring and taking the appropriate actions are required to minimize the environmental impact of our actions and to identify future solutions.

ZI-ARGUS provides a wide range of solutions in cooperation with environmental experts, industry and government authorities. In most cases  our environmental related projects result in significant cost savings such as Energy Reduction, Reuse of Waste, Water Usage Reduction and Reduced Product Losses to name a few.

ZI-ARGUS has the expertise to interface measurement and control equipment to local and remote control systems. This capability forms part of the ZI-ARGUS range of complete Industrial Automation solutions.

ZI-ARGUS has worked in cooperation with environmental experts, industry and government authorities to provide solutions in the following technologies:

  • Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment Control and Reporting Systems
  • Drinking Water Level Measurement and Control to ensure availability
  • Air Pollution Control, Monitoring and Reporting Systems
  • Forestry Control, Monitoring and Reporting Systems
  • Telemetry Systems and Solutions
  • CO Monitoring 
  • Burner Flue Monitoring
  • Computerised Data Logging and Archival Systems

ZI-ARGUS offers a unique opportunity to increase the efficiency and control of your operations and to assist you to meet any regulatory compliance targets. Our solutions help you achieve higher levels of plant automation while increasing flexibility and scalability and minimizing costs.