Energy Saving

ZI-ARGUS provides solutions that gather, analyze and communicate up-to-date energy information anytime, anywhere.

Today there is a worldwide focus on energy savings, to save resources for the next generation and to be accepted by customers as a responsible supplier.

Energy production can affect the environment in many ways, including the exploration for fuels, energy & fuel supply, fuel storage, energy conversion, distribution and the disposal of waste products.

In the current global and competitive marketplace, all leading manufacturers are seeking ways to more efficiently manage their energy consumption. This requires the availability of reliable and up-to-date information throughout the enterprise.

In most industries, energy consumption forms a significant part of the production costs. Companies know exactly how much they pay each month for this important resource however; precise allocation of the usage is often not possible. This makes it difficult to identify major users within the factory and then effectively reduce energy use.

Production environments using significant amounts of energy sources such as oil, gas and electricity for production process equipment and the related necessary utilities such as compressed air, heaters, steamers, coolers, mixers, conveyors, filling and packaging machines are just some of the opportunities for energy consumption reduction.

Awareness and action in managing the demands through ownership, monitoring, maintenance and even staff motivation will assist in the decrease of power consumption. If utilities are running unnecessarily then all the energy consumed is wasted.

Additionally leakages in production and utility systems can waste a significant amount of expensive energy and reduce operational safety. We must reduce our energy consumption for cost reduction advantages and to make our contribution to the environment globally.

Normally people think about cost savings on labour, maintenance and control systems, why not on energy saving? Energy saving programs often result in major cost savings.

Start your program with a focus on lighting, motors, drives, air / cooling compressors, heaters and steamers.

ZI-ARGUS provides a system that will quickly identify problems in processes utilizing control systems equipment.