Industrial Refrigeration
Control Systems

Over the years ZI-ARGUS has implemented hundreds of control and monitoring systems for industrial refrigeration. Every system installed comes with smart routines that help our customers to achieve savings on their electrical costs. Examples include:

  • Lead/Lag control for compressors where leading compressors are first regulated to their maximum efficiency point  at full capacity before a next compressor in sequence is started.
  • Discharge pressure control where the evaporative condenser or cooling towers are automatically adjusted to the actual discharge pressure and ambient conditions.
  • Peak shaving functions where non-critical loads are automatically shed from the system when large consumers are started.
  • On-peak hour control where the load is automatically reduced to a minimum when the electricity rate is most expensive.

In all applications the energy saving routines will not require a compromise on the reliability of the system or the ease of use where the noisy machinery can be supervised from the comfort of a control room.

Benefits of implementing ZI-ARGUS Industrial Refrigeration Control Systems include:

  • Automatic energy saving functions to cut operating costs
  • Less maintenance costs and extended equipment lifetime by optimizing system run time
  • Improve production quality by consistent temperature control
  • Reduce plant disturbance by ensuring reliable operation by centralized control and monitoring of the entire refrigeration system

ZI-ARGUS will work with you to design a cost efficient control system for your refrigeration system that achieves your specific requirements.