Power Metering

Entes Elektronik Power Metering Systems

Energy efficiency and power quality play an increasingly important role in ensuring cost effectiveness and sustainability both in industry and in public life.

ENTES has achieved its dominant position as market leader through a policy of outstanding technical innovation, leading edge production techniques and strong pre-sales and after-sales service support. Over the last 27 years, ENTES has successfully introduced new measuring, monitoring and controlling concepts in the fields of energy management, power factor correction, electrical measurement and monitoring. Todays network-enabled ENTES products and systems are developed using the latest design technologies.

All new ENTES designs are tested in ten different steps from ergonomy to functionality, from standards compliance to type-tests as per IEC-EN 60255. To ensure highest quality of purchased materials, incoming inspection is held by sampling as per AQL defined in accordance with component types. Manufacturing quality is continuously monitored and verified by various process controls and life tests. At the end of the production process, final products are controlled again according to related standards and certified in accordance with CE, KEMA-KEUR and CSA-US. Maximum product reliability and continuous quality improvement is achieved by designing appropriate tests, precise evaluation and installation and field data, all conducted by our experienced test engineers.

  • Power quality & energy
    • Network Analysers
    • Power & Energy Meters
  • Electrical measurement
    • Multimeters
    • Ammeters
    • Voltmeters
    • Cost Meters & Frequency Meters
    • Current & Voltage Transducers
  • Power factor correction
    • Power Factor Controllers
    • L.V. Power Capacitors
    • Shunt Reactors
    • Harmonic Filters
    • Capacitor Duty Contactor
    • L.V. Current Transformers
    • Discharge Unit
  • Remote monitoring
    • Energy Management Software
    • Converters
    • RPT-1 Repeater
    • Pulse Concentrators Modem RTU
  • Protection & control
    • Motor(Phase) Protection Relays
    • Thermistor Relay
    • Phase Sequence Relay
    • Current Monitoring Relays
    • Voltage Monitoring Relays
    • Liquid Level Controller Relay
    • Time Relays
    • Astronomic Time Relays
    • Overcurrent Protection Relays
    • Photocell Relays
    • Power Supplies

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