Fully Assembled Panels - Workshop Services

The ZI-ARGUS workshop facilities, located throughout the region, provide a comprehensive range of panel assembly services, from electrical engineering design, drawings, Bill of Materials, procurement, assembly, testing, delivery and installation.

  • Main power distribution boards
  • Power control centres
  • Reactive power control centres
  • Motor control centres
  • Automation control centres
  • Building management systems
  • Measurement centres
  • Vertical load breaker control centres

Utilizing both in-country and free-trade zone panel assembly facilities throughout the region, ZI-ARGUS is able to supply, on short notice, very competitive and high quality control, MCC and distribution panels within Asia-Pacific.

Our Panel Assembly Services can be part of a turn-key project or as an individual service based on customer requirements.

Besides panels based on customer specified components, it is also possible to purchase panels under the ZI-ARGUS ANDROMEDA LINE in which we have made a selection of the best quality and price competitive components available in every local market. ZI-ARGUS ANDROMEDA panels are therefore known for their high quality, low price and short delivery time.