Our Meridian III batching system offers customers a thoroughly developed Operator Interface with all the features required for total production management.

The Meridian system is currently used in Construction Material, Dry Powder, Chemical and Fertiliser Industries and can be adapted to fit many other industry applications.

ZI-Argus have Meridian systems installed and operational in the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and are able to provide expertise in the concrete products market.

Combined with our fully integrated Hydronix moisture control system for Mixer and Aggregate / Sand bins our customers receive a fast pay back in their investment:

  • No more batches out of specification
  • No more dry batches
  • No more wet batches
  • No more batches without the right material quantities

In brief the Meridian III Batch System is / has:

  • Easy and functional to use
  • Well documented for operation and servicing 
  • Provides automatic control for all requested plant devices
  • Controls and Schedules all production needs
  • Graphical Mimic of plant and control devices
  • Limited system access for defined users
  • Includes on-board system help
  • Includes event and alarm fault reporting
  • Provides complete production reporting for materials and products
  • Utilises local supplies for all software and hardware
  • Is designed, engineered and supported within Australia