Turn-key Projects

ZI-ARGUS offers experience and assistance to companies running turn-key projects aimed at modernizing and improving their operations. Projects are designed and executed to provide efficient and effective business processes, manage material and workflows, improve layouts and procedures, improve human resource development/productivity, streamline the product development process, and apply automation and information systems technology where it best supports the total business objectives. ZI-ARGUS works in partnership with clients to ensure effectiveness at every level with projects delivering the intended benefits to the organization.

ZI-ARGUS provides a full spectrum of planning, analysis and design-to-implementation services for new and existing facilities, product lines, manufacturing processes, material handling/distribution systems, data-centres and enterprise-wide information/control systems and software.

ZI-ARGUS areas of turn-key capability:

  • User Requirements
  • Functional Design Specification (FDS)
  • Technical Design Specification (TDS)
  • Equipment Selection
  • Implementation
  • Instrumentation
  • Panel Design and Assembly
  • System Simulation
  • Site Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Tailored Training