Networking &

Providing innovative, reliable, high performance IP based solutions to enterprise and industrial customers.

The data network within an enterprise is now as important as its power and water and as such should be considered in the same manner as a utility service. ZI-ARGUS provides high availability networking infrastructure to enterprise and industrial customers.

  • Switching: ZI-ARGUS is able to design, supply and install all data switching solutions. Our customers are typically generic commercial clients looking for solutions to support PC, phones and video conferencing requirements.
  • Routing: ZI-ARGUS is able to provide solutions to cater to all local area network (LAN) routing requirements or wide area networks (WAN). Our WAN solutions include options for data compression and optimization to get the most from available bandwidth.
  • Security: No matter the size of your business, your data is precious. ZI-ARGUS is able to design a security solution to fit your business requirements and budget.
  • Remote Access: Today's mobile workforce often needs access to the office network and data. We are able to supply secure remote access using all current technologies.
  • Wireless: Whether indoor wireless for data and voice, outdoor point to point links, or outdoor broad coverage, wireless we are able to offer a wireless solution to fit your needs.
  • Application Switching: This technology provides load balancing and health monitoring for servers, whether web, DNS, or applications. It also provides redundancy in the event of server failure.
  • Network Audits: ZI-ARGUS is able to review, document and diagnose client networks providing detailed documentation  and recommendations. This is an important first step of any data project.
  • WAN Optimisation: With the high cost of WAN data links it is important to optimize the bandwidth you have available.
    ZI-ARGUS is able to offer solutions to provide compression, optimization and Quality of Service to all types of WAN links.
    This is especially effective on satellite or 3G wireless WAN links.
  • B2B: ZI-ARGUS has invested a great deal of time and other resources in ensuring their engineers are certified and experienced in a wide range of leading edge technologies. Many companies are unable to make this commitment, and as such ZI-ARGUS offer several Business to Business solutions to assist in customer solutions.
  • Optical: ZI-ARGUS engineers are certified and experienced in the design, installation and maintenance of WDM optical solutions.

With ZI-ARGUS's technical and practical experience in Networking and Communication we're ready and able to support your requirements.