Personal and Home
Care Products

The ZI-ARGUS organization is highly experienced in designing, developing and implementing Advanced Process Control and Industrial Automation systems for the Personal and Home Care Industries.

Serving a wide representation of the most well-known multinational companies in these industries for many decades it comes as no surprise that ZI-ARGUS is recognized to be one of the strongest players in these markets.

Production volume, flexibility, quality and product traceability, being critical in these manufacturing processes, demand that control systems be well organized, easy to operate and quick to modify in order to allow a fast response to changing consumer demands while supporting high volumes and often 24 hour operations.

Balancing the latest technology with rapid development and deployment, ZI-ARGUS provides a wide range of highly efficient systems that drive, monitor, and optimize your personal and home care manufacturing operations.

ZI-ARGUS experience includes the following applications:

  • Management Information, MES
  • Raw Material Management Systems
  • Recipe Management Systems
  • Batch Control
  • Process Control
  • Tracking and Traceability
  • Production Line Control and Optimization
  • Product inspection and Safety
  • Utility Monitoring and Control
  • Energy Management
  • Water and Waste Water Control
  • Robotic Pick and Place Solutions