Industry 4.0 – IIoT Solutions

ZI-ARGUS integrate the latest technology, development pathways and modern code base to truly support your requirements when entering the Industrial 4.0 revolution. We adopt modern principles of agile development, consulting with the customer to obtain an overall vision. Iterative process checkpoints ensure regular product reviews drive refinement, optimization and efficiency; ultimately delivering welcome results.

Design solutions factor in and allow for flexible terms of data ownership, with contractual freedom and a base software framework that is built for dynamic scalability. Development Operations (DevOps) controls development, continuous integration and delivery by automating code build and testing via an online shared version-controlled repository. Development is clean and slick; product owners have visibility into their project or product and can provide feedback directly into the iterative development lifecycle.

To get you started we have own suite of IIoT applications that monitor, manage and control your connected devices.

IIoT Products