Data Centre and Server Rack Systems

Canovate Server Rack Systems

A most important factor to be considered for datacentre trends both today and tomorrow, is power distribution, cooling and cable management on rack level. Efficiently engineered rack mounting capabilities and capacity become a critical feature to optimize the utilization of available space. Canovate offers ideal rack enclosure technologies - innovative, flexible, stylish and cost effective form, fit and function; whether it is a datacentre, a server room or a stand-alone application.

Primary product ranges include:

  • inorax-AL Network Rack Cabinet
  • inorax-AL Server Rack Cabinet
  • inorax-ST Network Cabinet
  • inorax-ST Server Cabinet
  • inorax AL-45
  • inorax-AL High End Server Rack Cabinet

  • Cold & Hot Aisle Containment
  • in-Row Cooler
  • CRAC (CCU) Unit
  • Chiller
  • Free Cooling
  • Side cooler

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